Customer Engagement Suite

Our unique selection of integrated resources allowing you to better understand your customers, make more informed decisions and grow your business

What is Customer Engagement Suite? And why do you need it?

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Customer Engagement Suite is a web-based application, accessible by Global Payments Integrated clients, which includes several Modules focused on a distinct part of your business. These coordinated modules allow businesses the ability to analyze payment card data, local market intelligence and online and social media metrics to deliver insights into the metrics surrounding your specific business operations.

It’s not enough to have a great product or a deep customer base anymore – you need to be aware of the metrics that drive your business in order to grow. Customer Engagement Suite delivers intelligent data to provide deep visibility into your social reputation, customer demographics, marketing reach, and your competitors.

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Market Smarter

Leverage insights to help measure campaign effectiveness to improve ROI

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Make it Easy

Save time using a single integrated platform available 24/7/365

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Build Your Brand

View and respond to your customers’ online and social media reviews

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Drive Sales Growth

Data-informed decision making can help you reduce risk and grow revenues

Integrated Functionality to Improve Key Decision-Making in Your Business

Customer Engagement Suite modules are designed to focus on unique parts of your business.


A Concise View of Your Operational Basics

Do you dedicate resources to acquiring new customers? How do you know if it is working? The Analytics Module can help you determine your marketing effectiveness and ROI.

  • Comprehensive “Must Know” data presented through an easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Breakdown of new vs. repeat customers and their shopping habits
  • Actively monitor data including visits, sales and average ticket
  • Integrated Daybook allows you to track spikes/dips associated with unique events
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Customer Intelligence

Your Customers and Competition and Their Impact on Your Success

This Module provides customer information from their zip code to their spending habits. It also makes it easy to understand your online reputation and quickly respond.

  • Advanced customer demographics including their geographic location
  • Side-by-side comparison vs your direct competitors
  • Management of all your online reviews and responses in one place


Enhanced Communication Solutions to Enrich Customer Relationships

Providing a new dimension to your customer communications, delivering relevant customer information when they call and leveraging text capabilities to enrich your marketing.

  • Know your customer details – BEFORE you answer their call
  • Send appointment reminders and marketing messages via text
  • Send online review requests to your loyal customers
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Customer Statements

An Automated Resource Designed to Get You Paid Faster

This Module utilizes texting technology, used by over 80% of Americans, to allow your customers to pay using electronic methods via a notification you initiate.

  • Systematic statement deployment to customers via text or email
  • Eliminate the need to manually retrieve balances or embed payment links
  • No portal or login required for customers to make a payment

A Special Note to Medical and Dental Providers

If you are a dental or healthcare provider, some of the product views may be presented differently in your instance of Customer Engagement Suite to comply with HIPAA requirements. Global Payments Integrated is committed to providing you the most updated information possible in accordance with compliance regulations.

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One of Our Clients Had This to Say

“The ability to learn the frequency and location of our customers allows us to better understand our best return on our marketing dollars. Ultimately allowing an increased spend and confidence in our marketing because we know how to target our ideal customer. We are excited about the opportunities this creates in our existing locations as well as new markets we enter into.” - Chris Presswood - Finish Line Car Wash